There will be more pages as I research out some of the various tales.  I enjoy seeing if I can figure things out, so part of the fun is doing all of the research, or it is for me.

I think about everyone has a dream of finding treasure, I know I have ever since I was a child, and while hte magnitude of treasure has changed, and items that were treasures 40 or more years ago are seen as junk now, but it is still fun to find things, especially things that you have never seen before, or things that have been lost. I am sure that everyone has some sort of memory of the things that they have found, whether they were looking for them or not.

I do have a metal detector, but alas, I have found that it is tough going trying to find things with it.  I guess I am not one of those who find it relaxing, for I grow weary of searching the ground, finding every little pop can tab, or the pop can, and digging numerous times when I think it may be a coin, but never easily finding what set off the metal detector.

Then the treasure tales, which these pages are about, where the treasure is no doubt buried under several feet of earth or rock. The Spanish and French who searched for the gold veins, using dogs I have read, generally have a lot of people with them, so it would not be hard to quickly dig a hole over 10 feet deep and bury the treasure they were in fear of losing, setting up cryptic markings to allow it to be found by others with the like mindset of those treasure seekers. So if you are looking for what they buried, and plan on digging, you always need to keep in mind that you may be digging just a few feet away from where the explorers buried the treasure and you will never find it.

And then time, yes time, that plays a drastic factor in the search, for of course time erodes a lot of the markings, and hides where the treasure is buried, allowing trees to grow over the top of the place, or tearing down marked trees.  And others who have heard of the tales, and searched for the treasure, and maybe found it, but never reported finding it for various reasons, more than likely the lack of trust that the government would not take it away from the finder. All of these factors play into our hands.

A lot of the tales are misleading, being passed on by word of mouth over the years, and so the research involved to get into the correct place is one thing that a person has to go through.  Seeing about trying to find out through the multitude of tales, putting them all together and then trying to link them all together to get some type of idea where a person is actually searching. And then I laugh, for a lot of the tales involve a lake these days, so the site may be unde the water, or in a park that one can not search.  That is what keeps those tales alive, and there may not even have been treasure in those places and may just be the old timers tales to keep the grandchildren enthralled with a tale of lost gold.

But I hope you enjoy what I have here, and will try to put in new items as I come across the information.  I have been doing this for a lot of years, and just have to find my notes, and maybe help someone find the treasures that they seek.

© Lord Gazmuth 2012