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Another late-starting town was Uncas, located near the Black Dog Crossing on the Ox Bow Bend of the Arkansas River, in eastern Kay County. The town of Uncas, named for a Mohegan Indian chief, was platted in 1902. At the time, the Santa Fe was building a branch line through the site. Several families homesteaded this area after the Run of 1893. Lafe DeVore farmed there while James Kenton and Gano Dawson operated trading posts, drawing trade from the Kaw Agency and lands east of the river. A post office was established on June 21, 1895, named Uncas. The mail was brought from Kildare and anything going to the Kaw Agency was taken across the Arkansas River at Dawson’s Crossing, located about a mile east of the trading post and a mile south of Black Dog Crossing.[1]

The first school was built of native stone, located a mile west of the Uncas townsite. It had an enrollment of 94 students until other district school houses were built. Pupils walked, rode horses or traveled to school in wagons.[1]

Railroad construction created jobs for local men and brought new businesses. L.E. Bacher and Sons General Merchandise, Sam and Andy Booster’s hardware store, Margaret Chapin and Mrs. George Jacques’s candy kitchen, Bertha Baker’s hat shop, John Springer’s barber shop, C.O. Spurlock’s contracting business and George Beardsmore, blacksmith at the trading post, were early day businesses. A quarry, grain elevators and stockyards profited from the railroad and remained for several years. John and Fred Pearce, Ernest and Forrest Armstrong, George Danhour, Arthur Pasley and Mr. Koehler were stone masons who built structures in Uncas, Newkirk and several other towns, using limestone quarried at nearby Lewis Rock Quarry. In addition, Lafe DeVore pioneered a brick-making factory on his farm, using soft red clay material to produce bricks for cistern purification. The first medical doctor was Dr. LaMiller; later, Dr. Sewell settled in the town. Dan Bain, an early day sheriff, feared by horse thieves, lived in the Uncas area.[1]

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