Bivin Gardens

Bivins Gardens


Ray and Mollie Bivin constructed their home on six acres of virtually uncultivated prairie in November,1981. They started preparing the landscaped garden in June, 1982 and have now reached their goal of spacious lawns, numerous flower beds and hundreds of trees and shrubs.


The Bivins' are not trained horticulturists but have a love of nature and this has been their motivation. They have tried, and are still trying, to produce an unusual garden by planting any item that may be adaptable to the extreme climatic conditions in northwest Osage County,Oklahoma.


On entering the poplar and rose hedge lined drive you may agree they are succeeding.


For further information:

The Bivin Garden

P.O. Box 154,

Shidler, OK 74652

Phone: (918) 793-4011

Fax: (918) 793-4021


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