OG&E Power Plant History


"Most of the information on this page is just what I have learned about the plant since it's creation.  It may or may not be correct, but is as accurate as I can be.  Due to concerns with security since 9/11 Homeland Security keeps a tight lid on companies in our area."

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The power plant is a coal fired steam driven plant with two boilers. It is located on Sooner Lake in Noble County on US 177 and was built about 1980 by the Brown & Root Company.

I worked there in 1980 as it was being finished up, before my time with the company I am with, and it was a massive ordeal and supplied a lot of jobs to the area which was greatly needed. The undertaking included building a railroad track spur off the AT&SF main line to bring in the 100 cars of coal each and every day. Where I work I still see the massive trains come down the main line each night, in the special cars they use to dump out the coal. I am told that the coal burnt here is from Wyoming, but that is just what I have heard by word of mouth.

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The rail cars are designed with swivel couplings, so that they did not need to be uncoupled to dump, and are pulled across a dump machine that has a hopper under it, and then the machine swivels the car upside down to get the coal out of the car. The coal is then moved by conveyor to a huge pile to the north of the two boilers, where a couple of massive front end loaders move the coal around to keep the pile all situated over the big bins leading to the crushers.  When the coal is used it is crucshed and then moved by conveyor to another crusher that powders the coal, and then the coal is blown into the huge boilers to produce steam to drive steam turbines that are running the generators.

The whole works are massive and very interesting.  As I said I worked there for about 6 months on the construction crew, and know that there are a lot of wires going everywhere on that complex, and helped pull some of them.

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Sooner lake was built with the plant and water is taken out of the Arkansas River to keep the lake full. The lake supplies the cooling needed for the generating plant, and the water is pulled in on the north side, and discharged out of the south side. OG&E allows people to walk about a mile down to the place where the water is discharged, and in the fall and winter months, the fishing there is pretty good.  The lake is stocked with hybrid Striped Bass, a cross between the Striped Bass that run the Arkansas River and the Large Mouth Bass of the area. While I am not a Striper fisherman, I do know some who are, and they say that the fishing is pretty good in the lake.

There is also a camping area on the south side of the lake and a swimming beach, both which are used a lot in the summer.  The wind is quite fierce on the lake though, for there are not many hills in this area and so the harsh Oklahoma winds have a tendency to bring up a lot of white capped waves on the lake.

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OG&E tax money has helped out the communites a lot, and a new school was built in Red Rock, Fronteir School, and so the power station has kept life moving through the communities near here.

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